Tell me about the classic monogram design and louis vuitton outletmy wife's eyes sparkle! She got a smashingly stylish Manhattan GM for her birthday and she simply adores it! It is made of canvas with natural cowhide trim, chunky gold metal hardware and buckled leather strap to complete the look. At 15 by 10 inches, it is perfect for all her office documents and diary. Her Cheap Louis Vuitton Bagscolleagues just could not take their eyes off this gorgeous carry-all! While she has declared the Manhattan GM to be her favourite to date, she is not about to lay her hands off other LV bags! She is now eyeing the candy- coloured Lodge GM for a change! A Louis Vuitton Bagsto suit you is out there somewhere. You just have to look around in the right places to find it. Just make sure you do not pay good money for replicas or fakes though! My friend recently paid over $500 for a replica Monogram Alma and almost cried her heart out. The lesson learnt: before making the purchase online, check out the reputation of the seller and demand to see lots of photos of the bag. When you get the bag, telltale signs are poor craftsmanship (uneven stitching) and asymmetrical LV monogram from side to side. Do not hesitate to demand for a refund if that is the case!

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